Full Set of new teeth in a day

Known by many trade names such as “Teeth in a day”, “All on Four”, “A Clear Choice” and many others.  These procedures reconstruct a full set of failing natural teeth simultaneously or replace a denture for a fixed option.  They are all different names for the same contemporary restoration that has revolutionized the way surgeons and dentists think of replacing a full set of teeth.  Dentures are a removable prosthesis with varying success. Often, dentures can be painful, inconvenient and unstable. Troublesome dentures can make chewing foods difficult limiting the foods that you once enjoyed. Modern dentistry can help with the Hybrid Prosthesis. The Hybrid Prosthesis treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by a specific number of dental implants and a titanium reinforcement. This unique solution also ensures greater stability in the bone (since all of the implants are fixed together like supports on a highway bridge).  Typically, a temporary set of teeth can be placed on the same day of surgery. The temporary teeth allow you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery. After a short healing period, your dentist will placed the final bridge. Your quality of life is improved, and you can start enjoying your favorite foods again with renewed confidence.  This procedure is not appropriate for every patient and must be carefully considered with other options before removing all your remaining natural teeth.  Come see us today for a consultation!

Scientifically proven and documented. The Hybrid Prosthesis is supported by excellent clinical outcomes from studies over a decade with favorable results.