Before Intravenous Anesthesia Sedation

  • Your stomach must be completely empty with nothing to eat or drink including any water for a minimum of 8 hours before your appointment.

    -You must not smoke 24 hours before the procedure.

    -You must arrive with a legal adult escort over 18 years old with valid driver’s license.  This person may not leave the office at anytime during your procedure or your procedure may be postponed or cancelled.

    -Please wear comfortable clothes to include a short-sleeve shirt above the elbow and long pants as the temperature in the building is typically cooler than your home temperature.

    -You must remove your contact lenses and earrings and any facial piercings or jewelry  before arriving for your appointment.  All of these items pose an issue with our ability to perform your procedure safely.

    Do not wear any red or dark colored fingernail polish or Gel acrylic glue-on finger nails on at least one index finger as this will interfere with your heart monitor.

    -Do not wear any lipstick or heavy makeup to the procedure as this may smear and stain clothing during your procedure.

    -If you take high blood pressure medicine, you must take this medicine as normal with a small sip of water